Popular Health Supplements For Dogs

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Pet owners invest time and money to keep their beloved furry family members happy and healthy. While a healthy diet and exercise is paramount in keeping dogs healthy, many dogs require supplements for dogs for common conditions. Supplements for skin and joint health are the most common supplements given to dogs.

Dry itchy skin is a common problem in many breeds. Special diets and shampoos are often not enough to relieve the problem. Supplements play an important role in relieving dry skin in dogs. The supplements provide healthy ingredients such as Omega-3 oils that moisturize skin from the inside out. The added benefit of these supplements is the dogs coat will become lustrous and shiny. Keeping a dogs skin healthy is important to prevent scratching and possible infection. In severe cases, dogs will lose hair and develop open wounds. Skin supplements may help alleviate troublesome itchy skin.

Glucosamine is a popular joint health supplement for humans. Currently, it is one of the most popular supplements used to maintain joint health in dogs. Unfortunately, as dogs age, joint pain and discomfort can become a serious health issue. Glucosamine supplements are specially formulated for dogs. Many veterinarians will recommend the supplement to pet owners to help maintain joint health. In many cases, the supplement is used in combination with prescribed joint pain medications to alleviate discomfort.

It is recommended you seek the advice of your veterinarian before giving your dog supplements. This is particularly true if your pet is taking medications or has allergies. While most supplements are safe and effective, you want to make sure your beloved pet does not have an adverse reaction to the supplements. In addition, your veterinarian will recommend the proper dosage of the supplement. With proper use, supplements can help keep your beloved furry family member healthy and happy.

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