Nature Provides Herbs For Dogs That Sustain Healthy Pets

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Nature has an interesting way of providing healthy solutions to everyday problems, and this is true concerning the possible use of herbs for dogs to improve an animal’s well-being. With a sufficient understanding of herbal remedies, a pet owner may be able to both prevent and treat disease or illness in their animals by utilizing the natural healing properties of herbs. Just as most herbs are safe and beneficial to humans, others can be dangerous as well. Before attempting to provide a beloved pet with a natural cure, one should be sure that the herb selected is safe for the animal in the quantity being administered.

Cayenne is a good example of this because it can be highly beneficial to dogs by stimulating blood circulation that will help strengthen the heart and nerves as well as moving other healing herbs throughout the central nervous system. In large quantities though, Cayenne will irritate the digestive tract and should not be used in excess. The dose and repeated use of this and other beneficial herbs should be carefully monitored to protect an animal from potentially harmful side effects.

Other herbs should be avoided completely. Pennyroyal is a plant that has been used to treat breathing problems in humans, but it should not be provided to dogs. In both dogs and cats, pennyroyal is toxic and very dangerous. Woodworm is another dangerous herbal supplement that has been commonly given to animals, but there are much safer options that should be used instead.

The specific animal and circumstances of that animal’s condition should be taken into consideration when providing holistic remedies to animals. Many herbs for dogs are beneficial and completely safe to use while others may provide negative side effects. The same care that is given to natural healing strategies for people should be given to our animals.

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