Importance Of Vitamins For Dogs

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Research shows that various supplements play a very important role in maintaining health and fitness. Just like all the human beings need supplements, dogs and other animals too need them for the same reason. Dogs need proper quantity of vitamins, proteins, mineral supplementation so as to remain fit and healthy and to avoid disease, sickness and promote longevity. Lack in vitamins, proteins or mineral supplements show up in behavioral problems and poor condition of dog. Every dog owner should treat his pet as a member of his family and should ensure that his pet is happy, healthy and life a long life. To achieve this, supplements for dogs is essential along with a normal diet.

Right supplements can help to attain a balanced system. A dog will be healthy, fit and his natural defenses will work well only when he gets a proper diet which includes mineral, proteins etc that are required for ideal health. A proper daily mineral complex and multi-vitamins will ensure that your dog gets the additional supplementation which the current diet may lack. It will also help to prepare the best immune system for dealing with common illness. Below mentioned are some of the categories that should be given to a dog in proper quantity.

  1. Vitamins – these are organic compounds required for pet’s development and growth.
  2. Minerals – these include calcium, potassium, magnesium that are required by a dog for nervous system, bone growth and muscular system.
  3. Enzymes – these are required to breakdown food into smaller parts to provide energy and also for absorption of essential nutrients present in food.
  4. Probiotics – Probiotics are nothing but bacteria that resides inside dogs which provide immunity by fighting harmful bacteria.

Apart from providing all these basic supplements for proper health and well being of a dog it is required that a regular veterinary check up, a premium diet, emotional support, stress reduction , plenty of exercise and other prevention measures are necessary to keep a dog fit and healthy.

Dog Mineral Complex and Multi-Vitamins Recommendations:

  • Multi Essential Dog Vitamins
  • Super Daily Canine Multi-Vitamins
  • H20-IonX (Water Nutrients)

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