Are Supplements Harmful To Your Pets?

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As pet health increasingly becomes a major concern among pet owners, the use of dog supplements will continue to increase. While obesity is a major human illness, it is quickly affecting the health and well-being of pets. All too often, pet owners over feed or feed their pets people food. Supplements are popular for dogs that are on a diet. However, most reputable pet foods are well balanced and they provide adequate nutrition. Some pets may require additional supplementation for specific conditions. Many pet owners are concerned about the safety of over-the-counter supplements.

Pet supplements are effective and safe if given in the proper dosage. If you are cutting back on your dog’s food, you may want to ask your veterinarian to recommend a vitamin and nutritional supplement. If your dog is eating a well-balanced dog food, it is unlikely you will need to provide nutritional supplements to maintain proper health.

Many pet owners make the mistake of providing their dogs or cats with vitamins and supplements even though the pet food is meeting the nutritional needs. It is important to discuss dog supplements with your veterinarian. Too much of a good thing can cause discomfort if the supplement is not needed. In some cases, over supplementation may result in nausea and diarrhea.

Many supplements contain fillers, which may cause allergic reactions or stomach issues in your dog. It is important to monitor your pet’s behavior when you begin adding supplements to your dog’s diet. If you need to avoid fillers, which are found in most tablet or pill form supplements, choose liquid supplements instead.

To keep your pet safe, make sure you follow the instructions and guidelines of all dog supplements you choose to give to your dog. Supplements are rarely harmful to your pet if the supplements are administered properly. If you are unsure if your pet needs a supplement, always check with your dog’s veterinarian for advice.

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